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The Emerald Fresh - Literally Fresh and made of 100% cow’s milk.

Here’s to another milk line that you’ll surely love.

Introducing The Emerald Fresh Milk. Literally Fresh and made of 100% cow’s milk.

The first variant that we tried was the Chocolate Milk and to be honest, me and my twins likes it so much!!! It’s not super sweet. And you can really taste that it is fresh that's why we are able to finish 
1 liter of it in just 1 day.

Then we tried the Emerald Fresh Whole Milk. By the way, I am trying to introduce fresh milk to my twins so that their consumption of formula milk will be lessen. So I offered this Emerald Fresh Whole Milk and surprisingly, they like it too. I just remember the milk that my mom used to buy for us from the market when I was younger. Like the one in the movies where it's in a glass bottle. The taste and freshness is almost similar to this. If you were born in the 80’s-90’s for sure you know what I am talking about.

For just 1 bottle of Emerald Fresh Milk, you can already get these 9 nutrients :

Vitamin AVitamin DVit…

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