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Ariel Soft and Gentle - Gives a superior cleaning and gentleness for our baby’s clothes

My twins love to eat. They also love fruits especially if I make them their favorite watermelon shake. But after eating, my big problem comes in. The STAINS on their clothes. How can I remove it easily without using any harmful detergent and at the same time it won't damage their clothes.

Me and my Twins, Hope and Faith (left to right)

Glad to finally have the answer to all my worries for my twins clothes. Say hello to the New Ariel Soft and Gentle! It’s backed by a smart stain removal technology with NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS like bleach, brightener and enzymes.

The New Ariel Soft and Gentle

Ariel Soft and Gentle really gives a superior cleaning and gentleness for our baby’s clothes. 

The Lemon Grass scent is just perfect for our little kids. And the Twins clothes are literally soft after drying it up
I immediately tried the New Ariel Soft and Gentle
 to see if it's really effective for my twins clothes 

So weather it’s a food oil stain, your little one’s sweat or even their Poopoo, Ariel Soft and Gentle will definitely help you get the laundry job easily done for you.


Ariel Soft and Gentle is now available in Shopee Philippines. 


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