It’s rainy season again. And for sure you’ll also miss playing under the sun with your little one. Since we’re still under quarantine, we spend most of our time playing outdoor on our rooftop. They are such a happy and active kids that’s why they really love to play. But since rainy season is coming i’ve came up with an idea to fix and organize the twins' playroom. And I called it #projectplayroom. The idea is to create a playroom that is comfortable and safe as it is for the twins. I want them to learn and play at the same time. We have table and chairs and books. And everyday I create fun activities with them. Because we are indoors most of the time now, this is also a great time to bond and spend quality time with my twins. Well, I am also a very busy person, but I always make sure to put aside my phone and play with them, laugh with them and nurture them. The twins love interactive activities so I downloaded this printable from one of my mommy blogger friends, Mom Nessly. A