In this New Normal, it’s important to know that we are not alone and there  are moms who do feel the same struggles as yours. And I’m so glad that I was able to attend  the  virtual meet up prepared and organized by Philips Avent last December 10, 2020 Philips AVENT prepares Filipino Moms to be #UpForTheChallenge and to love every moment of motherhood in the new normal.  Navigating the “new normal” can be tough. Patience, care, flexibility, the strength of character, determination, and a good sense of humor are all certainly helpful attributes and, right now, there’s one community with all these qualities in abundance and that us, Moms!  So happy that Philips AVENT, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brands, organized a virtual meetup with other moms, actively supporting them through their journey in the new normal. Philips AVENT believes that together, families can embrace motherhood through its highs and lows, especially given the observation that more moms are turning t