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Smile Train Philippines’ Virtual Telehealth Program Wins Anvil Award

Smile Train wins big at the 56th Anvil Awards,  raising more awareness to Telehealth and Virtual Speech programs  MANILA, PHILIPPINES- Each day, 540 children around the world are born with a cleft, causing difficulties with eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking. To help these children, Smile Train , the world’s leading cleft organization, supports 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care for children globally—a service that could have been severely disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, if not for the Virtual Telehealth Program and Speech Camp that was launched in the Philippines. Since the start of the pandemic, Smile Train’s Speech Telehealth Program in the Philippines has treated over 100 patients, providing them with more than 700 cleft care-related sessions, including speech therapy, nutritional support, breastfeeding guidance for mothers of babies with clefts, pre-surgical consultations, and psychosocial care. This initiative was recently recognized during

PH’s First Ever Foaming Body Wash is Finally Here

Since Bath time is really essential since the pandemic has started,  Have you ever felt like showering has reached its point that it now feels like a chore? The past year has taken a toll on daily activities, more so on hygiene habits. Having to shower more than what you’re used to now makes the once-celebrated me-time a laborious chore. Although showering is now an essential step in protecting yourself from germs, it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious — especially as Safeguard introduces a new way to amp the fun in being clean. Foaming body washes are the newest forms of body wash. You’ve seen them for your hands, but now, for the first time in the Philippines, Safeguard introduces foaming body wash to make showers more indulgent and fun, with the same germ protection you have always known. First Ever Foaming Body Wash in the Philippines. Filipinos now have more reasons to hop in the shower with the NEW Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash that comes in three different variants namely

"Ang Dugo Mo, Kamusta?" Sangobion Talks Why A Healthy Blood Leads to An Effective Immune System

     As Work-From-Home (WFH) becomes the new normal, the realities of performing work and home functions simultaneously may feel like a never-ending cycle. While everyone is trying their best to get a knack on winning in this situation, managing this new lifestyle stressor is not easyfor all women, and coping might even be more difficult for working moms. Pressures build up overtime and if unaddressed, it can result to chronic stress that may also affect your blood health. If you notice yourself experiencing symptoms of prolonged fatigue, lackof energy, and lack of motivation, it is time to reassess your lifestyle as you may be experiencing a case of iron deficiency anemia. A healthy blood leads to a healthier immune system Ang Dugo Mo, Kamusta? — is the question that Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) wants every Filipino to have for themselves and their loved ones. Iron Deficiency Anemia is a common case in Filipino women and those with chronic medical conditions. And most of

7-Eleven Brings the Spirit of Bayanihan to its Customers With #711Bayanihan

  Y ou can now shop for your home and personal essentials at a more affordable price at your nearest 7-Eleven With its convenience and accessibility, 7-Eleven has always been there for communities as a reliable source of essentials or quick delicious meals no matter the circumstance. Now with the pandemic shifting the public’s shopping patterns and daily movement, 7-Eleven continues to serve its customers through the spirit of bayanihan. 7-Eleven Brings the Spirit of Bayanihan to its Customers Last December, 7-Eleven brought a superior shopping experience to Filipinos through Bayanihan Savings and Selections (#711Bayanihan), a campaign that advocates for easier and more affordable grocery shopping for everyone. This means that you can now complete your groceries at your neighborhood’s 7-Eleven store, minus the commute and long lines at the supermarkets but with even bigger savings. 7-Eleven brought a superior shopping experience to Filipinos through Bayanihan Savings and Selections (#7