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Jollibee Opens First Cloud Kitchen in Singapore

Adapting to the needs of its customers in the changing business environment, the Jollibee Group opened its first cloud kitchen in Singapore last, August 10, 2020, for its Jollibee brand. Cloud kitchens are unmarked food production and delivery hubs without any dine-in facility in discreet and lower rent urban locations. Photo grabbed from Jollibee Singapore Facebook Page                           The opening of Jollibee Singapore’s inaugural cloud kitchen comes as demand for its food delivery continues to grow significantly. The business contribution of Jollibee Singapore’s Delivery has more than quadrupled compared to last year – from 10% in 2019 to 45% in 2020. “As cloud kitchens roll out, we will be able to reach more consumers and fulfil   more   orders. The Jollibee Group is able to expand more quickly and cost-efficiently through this innovative store model, while maintaining the same safety and quality standards of our food,” said Ernesto Tanmantiong, Chief Executive Officer of

Effective remedy for our Baby's Insect Bites

As a mom, I feel hurt everytime I see ant bites on the twins' legs and arms. I blame myself because I failed to keep the house clean  and on the other side I try to convince myself that it is also rainy season when ants or insects come out. There’s a voice inside me telling me that I failed as a mom because I can’t keep them from getting insect bites. I also get angry ever time I think that these bites could lead to scaring. We all know Filipino moms wanted their baby girls to have smooth skins. And aside from that, it is really itchy that’s why they tend to scratch it.   I’ve tried so many brands and tried also even the most expensive ones. To be honest, it’s effective but it really takes long time to heal and it leaves a dark pigment on the skin. And just recently, I discovered this  Oleia Topical oil of Gracefield Farmacy which is an anti inflammatory, natural pain reliever that helps relieve back pain, neck pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, sprain, tendonitis, hemorrhoids, d

Lessons I’ve learned from this Covid 19 Pandemic

How are you mommies? Hope you are all safe right now as we are now in the 5th Month of Pandemic.        After so many months, I will be writing a personal blog again because I would really love to share my thoughts and realizations about this pandemic.        To be honest, during the first month I was still ok and I think most of us were. I am positive that this will end soon. The twins? Still okay. As long as Peppa Pig is playing on our tv, and they have toys to play, they are fine. Hahahaha        On the second month, my hope on this pandemic ending is starting to fade away. I am experiencing Panic Attacks. I am having difficulty of breathing and my heart beats faster than usual. I started feeling anxious. I cannot sleep at night. And I have been sleeping around 4-6am almost every single day. It was so hard. I’m missing my husband so much. He was about to go home but flights are cancelled. I’m scared for all my loved ones. Scared that this virus will slowly kills us all.        This

Why Momshies Jolina Magdangal and Dimples Romana Choose Pampers as The Superior Sulit Diaper

     Times are changing very swiftly. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were presented with the new normal, and today, we are embracing what it brings. While parents find different ways to adapt and get by, it’s the Power Parents that truly thrive. It’s their ability to power through any situation armed with their sound judgment to make the best sulit choices for the family.      For Power Parents, sulit means that despite being on a tight budget, quality remains to be a high priority — especially when it comes to their children. Such is the case for diapers. While other parents may go for cheaper alternatives, power parents know that choosing quality is the wiser, more sulit decision. The True Price of Choosing Low Quality, Lawlaw Diapers      To help Power Parents make the right sulit choice for baby’s diaper, Pampers has partnered with Magandang Buhay: Momshie Talks, wherein Momshie Jolina Magdangal, Dimples Romana and Dermatologist Dr. Luisa Puyat shared the importance of