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Smile Train Partners with RMN Foundation for Cleft Con Radio

MANILA, Philippines – Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity, in partnership with RMN Foundation (RMNF), the corporate social responsibility arm of RMN Networks, Inc., is launching Cleft Con Radio, a series of discussions covering topics pertaining to comprehensive cleft care. everaging the wide network of RMNF in the country, Smile Train aims to reach more patients and parents of children with clefts and educate more communities in the country through Cleft Con Radio. Aside from comprehensive cleft care, Smile Train utilizes its learnings from its telehealth program by discussing topics which may be of help to people with cleft as well as their loved ones who may need more information on how to assist and interact with them in their daily lives. Topics such as feeding and nutrition, surgery and post-surgery care, speech therapy, oral hygiene, among others, will be discussed with each one skewed towards the specific needs of those with clefts.    “This partnership means a great

MIND S-COOL TV is back with Season 2, with climate and biodiversity in the spotlight

Get ready for a whole new set of creative learning adventures starting June 5, 2021 in Season 2 of MIND S-COOL TV! In 2020, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc (BAFI), a non-stock, non-profit foundation was the first to launch a new educational program called MIND S-COOL TV (MSC TV), amidst the pandemic. MSC TV found a new broadcast home in Cignal, which has the largest reach across the country in terms of subscribers. MSC TV Season 1 dealt with the most fundamental questions about nature. When it aired in Cignal, the feedback has been so wonderful and highly encouraging as it showed that MSC TV was able to reach thousands of families from all walks of life across the country! MIND S-COOL TV features “connected learning” – cutting across content in the sciences and the arts and relates concepts, framing it as genuine adventures to help us have an even better normal. They strongly resonate with lessons in the K-12 curriculum but even more, they are updated and delivered in ways using t

Tea Talk’s Top 10 drinks perfect for family summer bonding.

MUST TRY: Tea Talk’s Top 10 drinks perfect for family summer bonding. For the second time around, it is imperative for Filipinos to spend the sunny season staying in residences due to the pandemic. Instead of the usual beach and swimming escapade, we are confined in the four corners of our home. Most people have come up with ways to have fun and beat the summer heat—setting up an inflatable pool, locking up in an airconditioned room while watching movies, and of course, drinking ice-cold beverages. It’s a fact we could all agree on: one of the best ways to quench the thirst in this scorching heat is to drink milk tea. Having two consecutive summer seasons in lockdown, you must have ordered your favorite milk tea drinks from your usual milk tea shops. But hey, it’s time to switch it up! And we got the next best milk tea shop for you to try! Accentuating its special milk tea concoctions made from authentic ingredients, Tea Talk is one of the up-and-coming local milk tea shops you should


Online class or home-schooling my twins has been so challenging since the pandemic started. However, we need to adapt to the new normal so that our kids will not miss anything from their class or even just from their daily learning.   Glad that IM Learning deeply understand the difficulties faced by kids displaced from schools due to COVID-19. Parents and kids have had to adapt to the unique challenges of the pandemic, quickly adjusting from traditional schooling to home learning in just a year. These transitions can be hard on a lot of us and especially daunting for parents who aren’t used to homeschooling. And with the help of technology, IM Learning has given the opportunity to help parents all over the world! Their channels on YouTube and Facebook have lessons to help kids learn better and more. We appreciate the efforts all our kids’ teachers have made to make lessons available online through digital classrooms, but we know that things like spotty connections, noisy househol

Celebrating Mother’s Day Sweeter with Tea Talk

     Being a mother is a million different things—it comes in various forms and every motherhood journey is diversely unique from one another. It is not easy, it’s scary and exciting and stressful and fun all at the same time. As Linda Wooten would say, “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed.”      This Mother’s Day, Tea Talk took the opportunity to express gratitude and admiration to all the amazing moms who never fail to provide nurture, sacrifice, and unconditional love to us. As a brand who aims to encourage meaningful and fun moments with family and friends, especially in this time of pandemic, Tea Talk shared its signature drinks and beverages to its mommy media friends.      Asking the question: what are the things you like about being a mother? Tea Talk enables a trip down memory lane between mothers and families to reminisce precious times over Tea Talk’s yummy and refreshing drinks. Ms. Ghie

About Mom: Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club host a well-deserved Relaxation Workshop for Moms

Manila Philippines, May 2020 - If there’s anyone who deserves some overdue pampering, it will have to be the mothers of this world. Day in and day out, pandemic or not, moms are always juggling a thousand and one responsibilities, all for the sake of their families and loved ones.  To thank all moms for their tireless efforts, Mega Prime and the Prime Mom Club have organized a one-of-a-kind virtual glamping event that allowed moms to relax and bond with fellow moms. The session, entitled All About Mom, pampered moms by giving them some me-time to relax while learning alongside their peers who share their cares and interests. Different from the past Prime Mom Club workshops, a virtual glamping session, the perfection relaxation hotspot for our Prime Moms was created. As a way to connect with one another while also reminding our moms that it's important to care for themselves, guests were encouraged to interact with all that was in store for them. They had a blast with trivia games