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US FDA Approved mask from Airqueen Philippines

This pandemic has been a test to everyone of us. We’ve been more careful and copious about our physical health. And we always want to be safe every time we need to go out.   With so many mask in the market, how sure are we that what we’re using is safe and effective. I recently found a comfortable mask that I use whenever I want to go outside. Airqueen masks offer great and quality products to people and also developed a mask that is comfortable, breathable and reusable. Yes! You’ve heard it right! it’s reusable!  Airqueen mask is US FDA approved with 95% filtration rate that gives me sense of assurance that me and my family are protected when using this product. Besides bringing in quality products for an affordable price, Airqueen Philippines understands that the Filipino people need the product, thus giving them a discount from Php 129.00 to Php 64.00 each from orders thru Shopee and Lazada .  You might also want to check their Facebook page to know more about their product. 

Moms Anne Curtis and Rufa Mae Urge Parents That Teaching Kids About #SafeWash Begins at Home with Safeguard

Do you really wash your hands regularly even before the pandemic has started? I have actually been practicing safe hand washing when I started working in the Call Center Industry way back 2012. And I can say that it really helped me avoid different kinds of illnesses. And when I became a mom, I made sure to teach my children the habit of regular safe handwashing. It was in late September when the Philippine Handwashing Survey results showed that only 50% of Filipinos wash their hands properly. This “puwede na” mentality in handwashing prompted Safeguard to create the #SafeWash Movement by calling out all the ways Filipinos are not properly washing their hands. Safeguard collaborated with five of the top animation houses in the Philippines to produce a mass education video in a span of three weeks. The catchy rap song was also voiced by Gloc-9, the nation’s #1 rapper. Thousands of Filipinos have also tuned in to show massive support for Safeguard at the #SafeWash Raprapan sa Global Hand

Putting the Spotlight on #CerifiedLokalista  J&T Express, to help promote locally made products, small businesses in PH

Taguig City, Philippines; October 26, 2020— With the current challenges faced by local businesses, J&T Express, one of the leading e-commerce delivery companies in Southeast Asia, launched a new campaign, which aims to put the spotlight on local online sellers affected by the current global health crisis.    Since the start of lockdowns and community quarantines, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has seen a surge in the number of registered online businesses in the country. From 1,700 in March, online business soared to over 75,000 in September as people turned to use the internet for income.     As local entrepreneurs move to online platforms, some still struggle on the logistics side of their businesses. The barrier for most of these local online sellers is on how they can deliver their goods fast, easily, safely, and hassle-free, due to limited mobility.    With this reality, J&T Express’ launched its online campaign, “#CertifiedLokalista: Gawang Pinoy, Panalo