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Close this October with a twist and welcome November with a bang with these collection too perfect to a “tea” !  This season, Zilingo - a technology platform that is re-imagining the fashion industry - released their latest trends selection, boasting different cuts and highlighting textures, vintage hues and an arresting foray of silhouettes. The brand marries chic styles and dainty looks in this curated collection, featuring vintage silhouettes in Neutrals and Pastels like Salmon Pink, Cream and Beige. Fashion fans will also be thrilled with Zilingo’s take on feminine cuts and accents of laces, silks and furs matched with MOD take on the vintage sheet vibes that accentuate style and attitude. Zilingo will provide customers with coveted pieces suitable for all occasions. “We are ecstatic about this season’s trends that combine style and comfort, and the best part is that these fashion essentials are available at the click of a button,” says Ry

Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes

Photo grabbed from Playful Baby Diaper Facebook Page If you’re looking for an affordable baby wipes for your sensitive little one, Playful Baby Wipes might be the perfect one for you.   Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes Playful Diaper is a local brand here in the Philippines and has been in the business for 8 years. They are a diaper brand and baby wipes too so that you’ll have it two in one. Since I’ve worked overseas, I’m not really familiar with local brands here in the country. Thanks for baby fairs and I was able to find these different baby brands and at the same time gives good discount if you buy in bundle. And that's how I discovered Playful Diaper Brand. Here's the Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes in 90 sheets So why not give it a try right? I’ve tried the Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes and I was surprised that our local brands can compete with the branded wipes that I’ve already used for my twins. What I like the most about

Let's fight the battle against Breast Cancer with these new machines from The Medical City

Me and My Mom for the Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign As a Single Parent, my Mom knows the importance of being healthy for our Family. That’s why ever since my Dad passed away, she always make sure to have her annual physical examination. Specially getting checked for breast cancer since the risk increases as we get older. Good thing is that Medical City has their new PET-CT that can be use to accurately detect and locate cancer cells with increased patient comfort and reduced numbers of scanning sessions. Medical City is also one of the first hospitals in the country that offers Intraoperative Radiation Therapy or IORT. One of the treatment option for breast cancer that lessens treatment time from 5 weeks of radiation therapy to 40 minutes. It also reduces radiation exposure and can bring your life back quickly with your normal activities.   Remember, early detection is always the key to have a higher chance of curing it.   This Breast Cancer Awarenes

Cooking Gata Dishes Has Never Been So Easy With Coco Mama Fresh Gata, You Just #GataBilib!

The newest Coco Mama, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo (photo grabbed from Coco Mama FB page) Filipinos love to eat, and love their gata dishes even more. And we know that the key to a delicious gata is coconut milk that has “unang piga” quality. But isn’t it troublesome to always have to go to the market when you need gata? While you can sometimes buy them already grated, you’ll still need to press them yourself. And once all those steps are done, you have to find the energy to cook your dish right away since, let’s face it, gata spoils so easily. Whatever happened to satisfying your craving right away? Well, here’s the good news, mamas! The days of going through the hassle of “pagkayod” and “pagpiga” are now over. Coco Mama proudly introduces the new Coco Mama Fresh Gata, the solution to all your gata needs!   Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo as the newest Coco Mama Endorser Proudly made in the Philippines using the country’s finest coconuts. Every pack of Coco Mama Fresh Ga

We can now Save Money on our GCash App

Feeling Chillax now when i’ve learned that I can already open a savings account on my GCash App! 💙 Literally, I’m having a hard time saving money because I always think of the low interest rates of different banks here in our country. And now, I’m so happy because I am really Saved and we can Save more with GSave!! 😊 Why choose GSAVE? 🤔 📌 3% interest rate per year (12x higher than other banks) 📌 No minimum balance required 📌 Very Easy as it will only take 1 minute to set up an account 📌 And just 1 Valid ID requirement Super Quick and Easy right?  😉  So what are you waiting for? Create your GCash account now and  #LetsSavetogether  with the new GSave on our GCash App! 

Tips and Tricks to Prepare a Healthy Christmas Party

Makati City; September 16 2019-  Christmas is the holiday closest to our hearts. It is the event wherein we deem it the time of joy and warmth. After all, Christmas season stands for having merry with our loved ones.  By tradition, we celebrate Christmas by having get-togethers with the family for party celebrations. And by of these party celebrations, we create lasting memories that instills deep in our hearts. As Christmas draws nearer and the party planning sets to happen, Beko Philippines, Europe’s leading brand of home appliances, listed five simple tips and tricks to help you prepare a memorable and fun party while promoting health and wellness for the family. Shop early to beat the rush   Going to the stores as early as now can liberate you from the tights and cramps of the holiday rush. The items that you’ll need for your party may also be cheaper and still available as compared when you’ll buy them days before Christmas