Johnson’s Milk and Oats Bath and Lotion

The new packaging of Johnson's Milk and Oat Bath and Lotion

Have you tried the improved formulation of Johnson’s Milk and Oats Bath and Lotion? You’ll surely  love it for your little one, Mommies! It’s 90% naturally-derived nourishing ingredients for soft and smooth skin perfectly gentle for both Mommy and Baby.
My daughter Faith loves to play with my cheeks. She can also feel the softness of my skin

You can really feel the softness of your Baby’s skin right after taking a bath. Because it’s really made of Milk proteins and 300% more Oat Extracts vs. the previous formulation.
Using the Johnson's Milk and Oat Lotion to my daughter, Hope
The smell is also long lasting. The Milk and Oats Bath and Lotion are perfect combination and specially designed with moisturizers to keep our Babies skin nourished as they grow.
My cute little twins, Faith and Hope
It’s very mild and gentle. Easy to rinse and non-sticky. 100% gentlest product for every age and stage. And the best part is it’s safe for our Babies as it’s free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phalates, and Dyes. Designed for Zero Irritation. 💙

So what are you waiting for? Choose Gentle now for your Babies and try it for yourselves. 😊


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