Mideer Ph- Educational Toys must have for every kids

Me and My Twins with their Educational Puzzle toy from Mideer PH.

As an Instant Mama of Two, I always make sure to give them toys that are really educational, enjoyable and fun at the same time.

I don’t just buy normal toys because I know soon they’ll easily forget about it. Compare to an educational toys, my twins will be able to gain more knowledge about alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors and lot more. And of course it will  also help to develop their fine motor skills.

One of the brands that Moms would really love when it comes to educational toys is Mideer PH.

Puzzle toys from Mideer PH

Mideer PH creates educational toys designed to help enhance children’s creative imagination.

Their toys are crafted by internationally awarded designers and professors of early childhood education to ensure that each toy inspires the development of your child’s learning and creative ability.

Alphabet Floor Puzzle


It's a 2.0 m long puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a pop out letter of the alphabet, perfect for teaching children the association between letters and words while developing creativity and imagination. The puzzle pieces are made of eco-friendly and safe materials that are suitable for your child to play with.

My First Puzzle
7-in-a-box Geometry and Animal


Play with circles, squares, different shapes on your favorite animals. This set includes 7 fun puzzles that come in bright color and are in a suitable size in which your child will definitely enjoy playing with while developing their fine motor skills. Your child can also be familiarized with shapes. Also made of Eco friendly materials that are safe for your child to play with.

My baby is trying to put the pop out letter from the puzzle 

Skills developed while playing Puzzles:
  • Basic Concepts and skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and sense of achievement
  • Hand-eye coordination and Fine Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Visual-perceptual Skills and Memory
  • Teamwork
My twins are having fun with their Puzzle toy from Mideer PH

Overall, I am so happy with these puzzle toy from Mideer PH because this is the kind of toys that I would really want for my twins. Because I know that at their age, they easily remember and learn so many things that are around them. This type of toys will help my twins learn more so that when the time comes that they need to go to school, they are prepared. They already have an idea on what school is all about and what learning  should be. Not just about learning the alphabets or numbers, but also enjoying and having fun.

They also encourages Kids and Kids at heart to become more active and hopefully spend less time in front of their screens. 

To know more about Mideer Ph, You can visit their facebook page Mideertoysph and Instagram @mideer_ph



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