Bibs Manila - Perfect and useful gift for your Inaanak

Looking for a cute and useful gift for your Inaanaks or for Momma’s with newborn?

I just recently discovered Bibs Manila when I was looking for a gift for my nephew’s baptism. I want something personalized and very useful. And most importantly, it won’t break my wallet.

photo grabbed from Bibs Manila Facebook page

Glad that I was able to purchase a personalized bibs from Bibs Manila.
Here are the personalized bibs that I got for my nephew. CJ 

There are a lot of designs that you can actually choose from. And it’s very affordable. For as low as Php 150.00 you can already buy a perfect gift for your Inaanak. So I bought 3 personalized bibs.

Faith and Hope's personalized Bibs from Bibs Manila
Shipping fee is only Php 80.00. Mode of payment is via Bank Transfer which is also very easy and convenient for me as I am a full time mom who doesn’t really have time to go out.

They also responded immediately via email and thru their Instagram Account. I ordered on the 8th of August, made the payment on the following day and received the parcel on the 13th of August.

The Bib's fabric is also very easy to wash. I am really satisfied with my purchase from Bibs Manila and It's really recommended as a perfect gift for your Inaanak or for your little one. 

Here are some photos of My Twins wearing their super cute Bibs from Bibs Manila. You can now identify who's Hope and who's Faith. 

For more details, here’s their website and Instagram account, @bibs_manila ;


  1. so cute nila and those bibs! mura lang pala yan kala ko mahal. Magandang pang gift eto😍 and even for my 2yrs old boy


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