Breastfeeding mom? what milk bottles can we use to avoid nipple confusion?

Pigeon  and Tommee Tippee feeding bottle
Since Faith and Hope were born premature and stayed in NICU for almost a month, I have to bring breast milk everyday to make sure they’ll have enough supply even if I’m not with them. I couldn’t stay long in NICU and needs to be home and sleep early because after I gave birth, I was diagnosed with Post Ecclampsia. I can't be with them 24/7. I've struggled with my milk supply during the first two weeks.  And as per the hospital's protocol they need to cup feed my babies (This is also one way to avoid nipple confusion).

Faith and Hope on their second day on earth. They were in Nicu back then

The first Baby who went home was Faith. I didn't have problem breastfeeding her for 5 days, she was on unli latch. Then Hope finally came home. By that time, I don't know how to tandem feed them yet because I was really really scared as they were still very tiny. I've read a lot about nipple confusion and all through out my pregnancy I was thinking of what would be the best milk bottle to use to avoid it.

Faith and Hope finally Home and sleeping in the same crib 

I have 2 brands of milk bottles that was given to me as gifts during our baby shower in Singapore. The brands were Tommee Tippee and Pigeon Wide neck bottle.

Tommee Tippe Milk bottles

260 ml and 150 ml Tommee Tippee milk bottles

Pigeon Milk bottles

240 ml and 160 ml of Pigeon Bottles

My cousin told me that Tommee Tippee is true to nipple size. And based on her experience, her daughter wasn't confused using this bottle. She's a working mom. So every time she goes to work, her daughter is using Tommee Tippee Bottle. And once she comes home, she will breastfeed her baby again. So, I also started using Tommee Tippee bottle with Faith and it's actually working for us too.

Here's the nipple for Tommee Tippee bottle which really looks like a nipple

Here's Pigeon Wide neck bottle which is a bit smaller than Tommee Tippee Nipple

However I got one problem. Since Hope is smaller than Faith, and her sucking reflex is not fully developed, she had a hard time sucking the nipples of Tomme Tippee. I tried using the other bottle that was given to us which is the Pigeon Wide neck. It's a bit smaller than the Tommee Tippee Nipple. And this one worked for Hope. By the way both bottles are Anti Colic and very easy to wash. Hope used Pigeon and Faith used Tommee Tippee up until they're 12 months old. And I'm proud to say that they have never been nipple confused while using these 2 milk bottles.

I weaned them at 15 months and now they are both using Tommee Tippee.

Tommee Tippee and Pigeon Bottles are both available  in Shoppe Ph and Lazada Ph.


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