Li'l Twinkies - makes feeding time more fun and easier for weaning babies

Are you looking for a perfect plate for your little one?
Especially if your baby is now 6 months old and you're now introducing him/her to solid foods.

Li'l Twinkies is one of the new brands in the country that makes parenting fun, easy and convenient. 

Li'l Twinkies advocates on Fun parenting through research, development, testing and distribution on

high grade and safe parenting products that catalyze effective baby and infant nursing. 

Li'l Twinkies Silicone Weaning Bowl

The first Li'l Twinkies product for my twins is this Silicone Weaning Bowl
in Pastel Yellow that I bought
from one of the Mommy Mundo Event. 

Here's a closer look of Li'l Twinkies Silicone Weaning Bowl

It is especially designed for babies 4 months of age and older who are being introduced
to first stage of
solid food.

It has Anti-slip suction bottom to prevent unwanted accidental spills so there will be lesser mess for us
to clean Mommies. Convenient isn’t it? Another thing that I like the most is that it’s very easy to wash. 

  • 4 months and above
  • Strong Suction bottom
  • BPA and Phthalate Free 
  • High heat resistant for up to 220°c
  • Also available in blue, light pink, teal and yellow colors 

Up to now they are still using it. Especially during breakfast time as they eat cereals and sometimes

Another favorite item that I got from Li'l Twinkies are this Anti Silicone Dish plate in Pink. 

L'il Twinkies Anti Silicone Dish plate

It’s specially designed for babies 6 months of age and older who are being introduced
to second stage
of solid food. 

Here's a closer look of Li'l Twinkies Anti Silicone Dish plate

I honestly love the color of their plate. It makes feeding time more fun and easier for weaning babies.

Very catchy into our little one’s eyes. 

Faith and Hope enjoying their lunch with their
 Li'l Twinkies Anti Silicone Dish plate

I've also noticed that the twins enjoy their food so much. They can now stay longer and eat longer

on the table with this Anti Silicone Dish plate. It's like they were given an option on what to eat
because of its 4-grid design to promote well-balanced diet for baby 

I am also enjoying to prepare their food everyday.
I always make sure that it'll always be a complete meal.
Rice, Vegetables, Meat/Fish and Fruits

No Slip suction bottom ideal to help your baby pick up food with no mess. 

It’s also very easy to clean, guaranteed high heat resistant and is made with BPA Free material

so it’s 100% safe for babies. 

  • 6 months and above
  • Anti slip suction bottom 
  • 4-grid wide capacity 
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Non Corrosive and Stain resistant
  • High heat resistant for up to 220°c
  • Also available in blue, light pink, teal, green, grey and yellow colors.

Their pastel colored plates make feeding time more exciting that made me love their product
even more.

Glad that I have been introduced to these products through baby fairs that I got to attend like
Mommy Mundo and Momzilla

Their product does not contain any harmful chemical and only uses high grade materials for our
little one’s that is trusted by most parents worldwide.

My Foodie Baby, Hope

And another Foodie Baby, Faithy
Why Li'l Twinkies? 
  • BPA and Phthalate Free 
  • Made with food-grade materials
  • Designed to give more comfort and convenience 
  • Guaranteed safe to use by moms and babies 
  • Laboratory tested and passes SGS Laboratory Test

Li'l Twinkies indeed made my parenting more exciting and convenient as the products are really unique

and 100% safe for our babies. #TwinMommaRecommended 

Happy Babies, Happy Tummies with Li'l Twinkies

They have more products that you can check and purchase for your little one.

  • Teether w/clip on
  • Chewy Mittens
  • Silicone Weaning Bowl and Spoon
  • Training Spoon and Fork
  • Anti Slip Silicone Dish plate
  • Magic UV Wand Sterilizer
  • Baby Feeding Bottles
  • Breast Milk storage bag and 2 in 1 Milk Collection Shell
  • And their latest product which is the Multi function Storage Cups which includes Wide Mouth nipple adaptor and straw sippy head. 

For more details and information about the company, the brand and their products,

you may visit their website and like their Facebook Page,
Lil Twinkies  and follow them on Instagram, liltwinkies for updates.


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