Photobook - Treasured moments you can keep for a lifetime

I never had any album of my twins. But I do have a lot of photos of them on my phone. How can I delete it? Each and every photo of them are really precious and I would really love to keep them forever.

Glad to know that Photobook is now available here in the Philippines. And I'm so happy that I was able to get mine for free. Yes! for free. Want to know how? 

My twins are excited to open their first Photobook Album

I downloaded The Asian Parent App. This app is actually helpful to every parents because it's a parent community where you can ask questions about pregnancy, your toddlers behavior, Tips and hacks you can learn from your co parents. They also have different topics where you can also join and engage and a lot more. 

Good news because in every question you ask or answer, you'll earn points. And this points can be used to get a reward. And one of them is This Free Photobook. By just earning 10 points, you can already have the Photobook for free. You just have to redeem it and they will give you the code that you'll use.

Here's the 6" x 6"  Simple book Photobook

The Free Photobook is a 6"x 6" Simple book which cost Php 550.00 onwards. You can put 20-21 photos in it. You can arrange it on your own and even personalized it. 

Showing them their photos on their 1st Birthday.

I don't have a print out photos of my Twins' 1st Birthday, so I decided to pick the Top 20 photos that I would love to put on their album that they can look back when they grow older. 

Here are some of their photos during their 1st Birthday Last October 3, 2018.

I only paid for the shipping fee which is Php 250.00 I got mine after 3 working days. So the process and the waiting time is very fast. 

Overall, I'm happy with my Twins' 1st Birthday Photobook. Planning to purchase again soon and have it personalized. I would love to do their every month photo until they were 12 months old. 

How time flies... This Photobook will really reminisce the old days. Treasured memories that we can keep for a lifetime.

You can watch my Unboxing Video of  6"x 6" Simple book on our Youtube Channel.

You can also download The Asian Parent App and Photobook from your Google Play and App store. 
You can also follow them on Instagram, @theasianparent_ph, @photobookph


  1. This is famous nowadays, having it the way you want at very convinient way šŸ˜Š

  2. Wow, these are very nice. Makes me want to do our own Photobooks to make memories permanent. Thanks for the reminder!


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