Wilkins Distilled Water - Out of stock no more

When I started to feed the twins with formula milk, their Pediatrician advised me to use Wilkins Distilled Water. 

She also advised me to buy smaller bottles so that they can immediately consume it within the day to avoid contamination that can cause diarrhea or gastroenteritis.

The problem with this is it’s really hard to buy Wilkins distilled water here in our area. We live in Quezon City and there’s a bunch of drugstores and grocery stores near our house but it’s always out of stock.

Good thing a mommy friend advised me to contact directly Coca Cola to have it delivered on your doorstep. Yes, you read it right. Wilkins is a product of Coca Cola. 

So I immediately called 813-COKE and they asked for my details for the delivery. They forwarded it to the nearest dealer from our place.

After 48 hours, the dealer was able to contact me and reconfirming my order and delivery address.

I usually buy 5 boxes of 1L Distilled Drinking Water which the twins can consume within 3 weeks for Php 1,400.00.

Grabbed this photo from my IG Story. Sharing tips to my fellow moms on how to buy Wilkins Distilled Water easily. The delivery for my Lazada Pampers order also came in. You are really a certified hoarder when you're a Mom. Especially if you have twins like me. 

I've noticed that it’s really expensive. And since the twins are almost 24 months, I decided to just buy 5 gallons of Wilkins Distilled Water which is only Php 160.00. Suprisingly it lasted for almost 8 days. I also paid Php 250.00 for the deposit of each water container.

In total, I paid Php 820.00 for my first order. Php 250.00 deposit for each 5 gallon x 2 and additional Php 160.00 x 2 for the water itself. For the next deliveries, I only need to pay Php 160.00 for each 5 gallon. 

And by the way, delivery fee is free. And I believe if you call the dealer directly, it is cheaper than the regular store price. I just bought a simple dispenser which is Php 300+ from Save More, SM City San Lazaro. (I can’t remember the price but for sure it’s only Php 300 plus.)

Here's my little water dispenser
for my twins with 5 Gallons Wilkins Distilled Water

I couldn't believe at first how much i was able to save. Now, I only spend Php 640.00 for a month for Wilkins distilled water. And i don't even need to drive to the grocery stores because it will be delivered right on our doorsteps.

Hope this tips might help you Mommies. Specially to those moms like me that is having a hard time buying Wilkins Distilled water.

You can also check their Facebook page, Wilkins Water and Instagram account, WilkinsPH for more updates.


  1. ganyan rin ako sa twins ko before haha ngayon 3 years old na rin naman na po sila heheh mineral water na po pinapainom so far okay naman. healthy and ang bibibo talaga ��

  2. Product pla ng Coca Cola ang wilkins ngayon ko lang nalaman.Sa amin nmn d masyadong makunsumo baby ko sa tubig hanggang ngayon kac BF parn sya at ayw niya talaga tumikim ng Formula milk.

  3. Thanks for sharing Janelle. This is really helpful. We are using Wilkins din for Audrey. I would consider this if mas malakas na syang mag consume ♥️

  4. isa kang wais na misis momsh!! ill share this to my ate!

  5. I did this too before .Mas okay talaga ung 5 gallons and sa direct supplier. šŸ’™

  6. Oh! Product pala ng Coca-Cola ang Wilkins, now I know. :) Mixed-feeding si baby ko dati and Wilkins din ang recommended ng Pedia, how I wish nalaman ko to dati pa.hehe Will remember this for my next baby (in the future). Thank you for sharing. :)


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