Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes

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If you’re looking for an affordable baby wipes for your sensitive little one, Playful Baby Wipes might be the perfect one for you. 
Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes

Playful Diaper is a local brand here in the Philippines and has been in the business for 8 years. They are a diaper brand and baby wipes too so that you’ll have it two in one.

Since I’ve worked overseas, I’m not really familiar with local brands here in the country. Thanks for baby fairs and I was able to find these different baby brands and at the same time gives good discount if you buy in bundle. And that's how I discovered Playful Diaper Brand.

Here's the Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes in 90 sheets

So why not give it a try right? I’ve tried the Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes and I was surprised that our local brands can compete with the branded wipes that I’ve already used for my twins.

What I like the most about it is it’s unscented. Well, I always choose unscented baby wipes because the twins are really sensitive to anything that has a strong scent. 

Playful Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes in 90, 55 and 30 sheets

Why you must try and use their Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes?

- To protect Baby’s delicate skin from Allergens

- To safeguard baby from bacteria

- To keep baby’s skin healthy and moisturized

- To gently care for baby’s sensitive skin

- To softly caress baby’s skin while wiping.

It’s also made of Thick and Soft Fibers, Purified Water, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Extract.

The wipes is really made of thick fibers

Their baby wipes is also very affordable. For only Php 80.00 you get 90 sheets already. 

It’s also very easy to pull. Let’s admit it, there’s a lot of wipes where in you try to get one, and you’ll pull out too many wipes at the same time which is not really ergonomical. 

Playful Diaper is also available in Shopee, Lazada and in selected supermarkets nationwide.

For more update, You can follow and like their Facebook Page - Playful Diapers  and Instagram account - @playfulbabydiaper

Want to win Playful Baby Hypo-Allergenic Wipes? Head over to my Facebook page and Instagram account to see the mechanics.

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  1. Aba ayos to mommy ah? Affordable nga. And ngayon ko lang nakita tong Playful na brand wetwipes.
    Salamat sa pagshare momsh!šŸ˜Š

  2. Mommy,ang ganda nito,natry ko na P 80 ,marami na sya.sulit na sulit..i love it.


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