Let's fight the battle against Breast Cancer with these new machines from The Medical City

Me and My Mom for the Breast Cancer
Awareness month campaign

As a Single Parent, my Mom knows the importance of being healthy for our Family. That’s why ever since my Dad passed away, she always make sure to have her annual physical examination. Specially getting checked for breast cancer since the risk increases as we get older.

Good thing is that Medical City has their new PET-CT that can be use to accurately detect and locate cancer cells with increased patient comfort and reduced numbers of scanning sessions.

Medical City is also one of the first hospitals in the country that offers Intraoperative Radiation Therapy or IORT. One of the treatment option for breast cancer that lessens treatment time from 5 weeks of radiation therapy to 40 minutes. It also reduces radiation exposure and can bring your life back quickly with your normal activities. 

Remember, early detection is always the key to have a higher chance of curing it. 

This Breast Cancer Awareness month, I highly encourage every Women to check out these screening and treatment option too. Because together, we will fight the battle against Breast Cancer. šŸŽ€

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  1. Let's spread this awareness. All women must know šŸŽ€šŸŒø


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