Ramen Nagi, Ayala Malls Manila Bay is Now Open

When I was still pregnant with my twins, I’m always craving for Japanese food. That’s why when we went to Japan, I’m super excited to try Ramen Nagi. But because of my condition (I have a very delicate pregnancy), I can’t really go out and I just stayed in our hotel room. 

I'm super excited to try everything on this table

Luckily, I got invited to the Branch opening of Ramen Nagi in Ayala Malls, Manila Bay. I’ve got the chance to try their Butao and customize it with their unique ordering style through Omotenashi Sheet. From level of Spiciness, to noodle firmness and other add ons. 

Here's the famous Omotenashi Sheet where in
you can personalize your own Ramen

Me enjoying their traditional Bowl of Ramen

It’s a fun day off for me since I didn’t bring the twins with me. I enjoyed every seconds eating my Ramen and munching my chicken Karaage and Gyoza. 

I super love their side dishes too. My fave will always be the Chicken Karaage. So tasteful same as the Gyoza. We also got the chance to meet the Chef on their branch. 

Thank you again Jen for inviting us :)

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional bowls of Ramen or if you’re always on the hunt for something exciting, Ramen Nagi’s straightforward yes enticing menu gives everyone something to look forward to. 

Here are your 4 Ramen choices; Butao, Black King,
Red King and Green King

Aside from this, Limited Kings boasts a unique twists to your usual ramen. They come twice a month and last for only 15 days at a time, so be sure to watch out for the new flavours in the coming month. 

I love how clean their kitchen is. Oh! by the way their kitchen
 is open so you can see how#YourFavorite Ramen is being prepared. 
Their service is also fast :)

This branch is really spacious and very clean as well :)

Come and visit them at the 2nd floor of Ayala Malls Manila Bay in Paranaque and get the chance to enjoy your own version of your #FavoriteRamen.

Ramen Nagi, a Fukuoka-born ramen restaurant, was founded by Ikuta Satoshi in 2006. It offers authentic premium ramen with branches in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Singapore, USA and the Philippines. It’s famous for trailblazing the Omotenashi sheet, a personalisation option which lets guests customise their ramen bowl. 

For updates, Exciting products and promotions, Like and Follow Ramen Nagi Manila on Facebook and @RamenNagiManila on Instagram 

#RamenNagiByTheBay #Your Favorite Ramen 


  1. Grabe momsh haha never pa ko nakatikim ng Ramen. Meron naman dito kaso di ko feel. Haha check ko yan pag nakaalis ako šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹


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