Legend Care Misty Spray

Legend Care Misty Spray is an Instant Facial Whitening and Liftup Spray Toner.  It’s very safe as it’s FDA Approved facial care Spray from Japan. 

  •  Paraben Free 
  •  Non-Alcoholic
  •  Non-Fragrance 
  •  Non-Active Surfactants 

It’s made from special ingredients extracted out from Rare Stones called Tensho and Bakuhan.

Tensho stone is a power stone recognized in the ancient era and is said to instantly relieve shoulder pain and lightens up your body weight. You’ll be surprised to know that this stone can only be found on Mt. Himalayas, Takachiho Japan, and Scandinavian countries.

Maifan Stone 
Since ancient Chinese era, this stone was used as Herb Treatment (Chinese Medicine). It is said to repair skin diseases. Its composition absorbs toxins from your body. Just like how active ion exchange works.

This is very effective when used after washing your face. And you can even spray it even after applying foundations on your face. 

How to use Legend Care Misty Spray 
1. Do not shake 
2. Spray directly on face or body (affected areas) 
3. Let it dry naturally

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