Take a quick break and have some "me time" with these Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub and Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub from Bath Favorites

Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub
Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub from Bath Favorites

Take a quick break and have some "me time" with these Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub and Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub from Bath Favorites.

I honestly love the soft and refreshing feeling after using it on my skin. 

Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub

I first tried the Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub. The smell for me is more like of a dark chocolate. Hehe! We’ll maybe because i’m not really a coffee lover.

But the reason why I tried it because of it’s benefits. Yes, you read it right, it has good benefits for our skin. It gently exfoliates rough skin and promote circulation. All for healthy, smooth and glowing skin. 

This is how the Coffee Sugar scrub looks like

Benefits of Wake Me Up Brightening Coffee Sugar Scrub:

Exfoliate and Lighten Skin
Reduce Puffiness and cellulites and tightens skin
Energize and revive dull skin 
Help promote better circulation
Hydrate skin and retain its moisture.

This is perfect for moms like me. And you know we’re not getting younger anymore so I definitely need this one. 

Directions to use:

Scoop out a generous amount and gently scrub in a slow and gentle circular motion on moist skin. Focus on areas that have thick, rough skin. Rinse with water and follow with lotion.

Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub
(it's really open because I/m really using it before posting a product review)

For Matcha lovers, they also have Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub to try. I actually love the smell of this scrub. The smell last longer. So even if you rinse it, you can still smell the matcha scrub on your skin. I also love the feeling after using it. It’s rejuvenating and the feeling is really flawless. 

Benefits of Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub:

It exfoliates and smoothen our skin 
Remove pore-clogging toxins
Help repair damaged skin 
It also help to promote better circulation

I like the texture of the Sugar Scrub. It's thick but it doesn't give you a sticky feeling while using and even after using it.

Here's the texture of Matchamazing Soothing Matcha Scrub
This one really smells good.

Bath Favorites wants to bring fun, different, and innovative products for an affordable price to the market. 

Bath Favorites is now available in Watsons 

By the way this is also made with natural sugar. Gentle to use, Non-irritating and Less Abrasive which is really important for scrub products.

This is also a perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season. Good news because you can get it for only P150.00 and it’s exclusively distributed by Watsons Personal Care Store.

To know more about Bath Favorites, you can like and follow their Facebook page - Bath Favorites and on their Instagram account - @Bathfavorites


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