Bubble Baby Bottle and Utensil Cleanser - You Got this, Mama!

Bubble Baby Bottle and Utensil Cleanser
 (photo grabbed from Bubble Baby Facebook page)

I’ve been Yayaless this past few days and it has been so tiring as i have to take care of my twins and at the same time do the chores while they are sleeping. 

One of these chores is washing their bottles and feeding essentials. And I'm so glad that I have Bubbly Baby Bottle and Utensil Cleanser by my side. And you know what? It really saves me a lot of time and energy because it easily cleans and remove the greasy residue on their bottle nipples and milk bottles. 

Thank you for the reminder :)

I also love the note “You got this” because honestly I feel so tired and once I read the note, it reminds me that I can do things easily. I just have to take my time and don’t be too hard on myself. 

Secondly, I also love Bubble Baby because it’s plant based and there’s no added fragrance and leaves no soap and smell. 

Plant Based
Gentle on hands
Easily Rinse
Leaves no Soap
Leaves no smell

Here’s the 3 easy steps to wash your Baby bottles and utensils using Bubble Baby Bottle Cleanser:

1. Dilute 20 ml of Bubble Baby Bottle Cleanser in 1L water in a clean basin.
2. Soak feeding bottles, nipples, and other baby utensils into the solution for 30 seconds.
3. Clean all baby utensils and bottles with bush and rinse thoroughly with water.

Washing time :)

This is one of the hardest part, cleaning the bottle nipples

Bubble Baby is specifically formulated to remove hard to clean milk residue. Ideal for cleaning baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers and other baby utensils.

Bubble Baby is also guaranteed safe for your babies.

photo grabbed from Bubble Baby Facebook Page

Photo grabbed from Bubble Baby Facebook Page

Lastly, the most important thing that every mom is considering when buying products is the price. And Bubble Baby is very, very affordable. 270ML is only P55.00 while 880ML is P149.00 only 

Grabbed from my IG stories, @janellestrelon
Thank you again, Bubble Baby :)

Try it too to see for yourself. Available in Shopee and Lazada

To know more about bubble baby, follow their Facebook page, Bubble Baby and Instagram account, @bubblebabyph


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