From farm to table: Australian Table Grapes are back in the Philippines with unique varieties on offer this season

Grapes are great for our body. And it's made from approximately 80% water and contain a high amount of fibre which means they hydrate, cleanse and detoxify active bodies. They also contain resveratrol which converts bad, white fat in the body into good "beige fat", which helps to burn calories and prevent weight gain.

Photo grabbed from Taste Australia Philippines Facebook Page
Naturally grown and ripened under the Australian sunshine with a sweet burst of flavour and juicy pulp, the new season of fresh Australian Table Grapes are now available for Filipinos to enjoy today. 

From April, the 2020 season varieties will be available at different stores and partners like Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Marketplace by Rustans, Robinsons Supermarket, S&R, SM, and even thru e-Commerce partners like Baytownsproduce, Crate2Plate, and Dizon Farms, which includes Tam;s Gold and Crimson Seedless as well as Sweet Sapphire (A long finger shaped black grape), Autumn Crisp (a very sweet and crispy grape) and Cotton Candy (a sweet, aromatic green grape). These varieties are known for their extra sweet taste making them a delicious snack the whole family can enjoy.

Photo grabbed from Taste Australia Facebook Page

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian Table Grape Farmers and food safety inspectors reassured all fruit is grown using the highest food safety standards and the most advanced growing techniques, ensuring all produce leaving the farm is highest quality and safe for consumption. 

Each variety of Grape is Extremely versatile in its taste - they can be deliciously enjoyed on their own and best enjoyed whole - as well as able to be added to a range of dishes. Considered nature's candy, Australian Table Grapes are a versatile snack or sweet and crisp addition to any recipe, making them the ideal fresh fruit for all. 

Furthermore, the nutritional value that Grapes hold make them fantastic for maintaining a healthy diet for people of all ages. 

Red Globe table grapes have a low Glycemic Index (GI) value and 5g of gut-healthy fibre in every serving. Meanwhile, the Thompson Seedless variety is packed with vitamin C which is perfect for giving your immune system a boost. 

The horticulture industry in Australia prides itself on idyllic growing conditions Australia is famous for - warm, dry, summers, and deep, rich soils provide the perfect environment for Australian growers to produce world class table grapes. 

How do you eat Grapes? one by one or by bunch? Me? All of the above. 

Every grape grown by Australian Table Grape farmers is from an established second or third generation family-owned farm located in pristine rural Australia. The techniques, knowledge and passion for growing and carefully selecting the grapes has been perfected over many years and passed down through the generations of families. Using this expertise, these farmers are proud to work hard producing more than 240, 000 tons of best quality fruit from their farms and exporting 60% of their top quality produce around the world. 

As Australia is the closest southern hemisphere supplier to the Philippines, Australian Table grapes found in store are guaranteed to be the freshest in the market. The whitish bloom on the skin of each grape is another key indicator of freshness, providing they're delivered directly from the farm to your table. 



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  4. yuummy grapes.. ganda pa ng benefits satin.. fave ng kids ko :)


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