SosBolz Take on the Long-Lasting Pwet-Tection Challenge to Find the Best Diaper Pants for Thylane

I can still remember that day when I found out that I am pregnant with twins. The first thing that came in my mind was the diapers. If what brand should I use for them. But how do we make sure which is really the best diaper brand for our babies?

For power parents Solenn and Nico, the best diaper is 

one that offers long-lasting pwet-tection for baby — keeping them protected from babad the entire day.

Pampers vs Brand X: Which Diaper Will Reign the Ultimate Test of Long-Lasting Protection?

Mommy Solenn and Daddy Nico put Pampers to the Long Lasting Pwet-tection test vs Brand X to determine which diaper performs best in protecting baby against babad in 24 hours.

Each power parent had their own diaper to test: Solenn for Pampers and Nico for Brand X, the next leading brand. During the test, both poured 6 cups of 50 mL of blue liquid into each diaper — this represents the average 6 wettings of baby in 24 hours. After pouring each cup of blue liquid, a stuffed teddy bear (to illustrate baby Thylane) is gently pressed onto the diaper pad to check if the blue liquid transferred to the teddy bear. The blue liquid transferring to the teddy bear's bum is a sign that baby’s butt is already babad in a pool of wetness and the diaper has to be changed.

Solenn and Nico repeated these steps five more times, changing both the teddy bear and the diaper every time the blue liquid visibly transferred on the teddy bear’s bum, for both Brand X and Pampers.

The result after 6 rounds?

Less babad butts with Pampers! This shows how one diaper from Pampers was able to give longer lasting and better protection from babad vs Brand X. 

Ba-Bye Babad With Pampers Triple Pwet-tection

When it comes to diapers, Pampers always ensures parents that they’ve made the right sulit choice for baby. Pampers is the only baby diaper with Triple Pwet-tection against babad elements. #PampersPowerProtection provides baby better, long-lasting protection versus cheaper diapers.

Instant Front to Back Absorption

Power parents won’t find the need to constantly check baby’s bum for babad-causing lawlaw with Pampers instant front to back absorption. In the Long Lasting Pwet-tection Test video, Pampers absorbed the liquid much faster and evenly spread it out from front to back, preventing baby from experiencing babad.

Anti-Leak Guards

Leaks may happen in the cuffs of the diaper, especially as baby moves around. Pampers has anti-leak guards that allow the diapers to adjust to baby's movement preventing spillage from the diaper.

Anti-Irritation Layer

Diapers made with plastic material may feel rough and tough which can be uncomfortable for babies. Pampers Dry Pants is endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance with its anti-irritation layer on the top sheet to help make sure that the texture of the diaper is comfortable for baby.

Even first-time power parents Solenn and Nico are amazed at how effective Pampers triple pwet-tection is in taking care of their baby Thylane. They’re confident that they’ve made no less than the best choice for their baby’s diaper out there.

Daddy Nico mentioned that it was actually his idea to try Pampers. Mommy Solenn shared, “With Pampers we never got to experience the frustration [of choosing other brands]. Because she [Thylane] doesn't experience irritation, her pwet is always dry, she's never leaked so I've never even had to change her bed sheets that often — I change it once a week. She's so clean. And I think Nico agrees with me that Pampers is the best with triple pwet-tection — no leakage, no irritation, and it's just the best for a dry pwet.”

Pampers Baby Dry Pants triple pwet-tection not only delivers long lasting protection and comfort to babies, but it delivers security for parents and big sulit value because of less changes.

Watch Solenn and Nico’s Long Lasting Pwet-tection Test video and challenge Pampers to the long-lasting pwet-tection test at home. Don’t forget to tag Pampers PH when you post your challenge results on Facebook and Instagram!





  1. Kaya Pampers din po ako dati sa bunso po kase talagang walang leak at hindi po basa ang pwet ng anak ko.. šŸ–’

  2. Kaya love ko ang pampers dahil bilang ina nakakampante ka gamitin ito para sa skin nhhanak mo

  3. Ang cute nilang mag asawa! So humorous


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