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I worked as an OFW for 3 years and like most OFW’s, one of my goals is to have a house of my own. Who wouldn’t want to have a house of their own right? I think it’s everybody’s dream. But we also know that property in the Philippines is expensive especially if you are in Metro Manila. For an ordinary person like me, it would really take years of hard work and huge amount of money to buy one. And just like any other things that you value and worked hard for, you will also do everything to protect it.

Unfortunately, we hear news about families who lost their homes because of fire caused by faulty wiring, open flames and even just lighted cigarette buds.  Especially in March which is considered the start of the summer and one the hottest months of the year. It is also considered “Fire Prevention Month” because this is when most number of fires happen. And after summer, here comes rainy season where typhoon and flooding can also damage our homes. 

I mentioned earlier that we will do everything to protect our homes because it is valuable to us. From the smallest house contents up to those big LED TV or refrigerator whether it is loaned or fully paid, these all came or will come from our hard-earned money. But the sad part is, most of us Filipinos fail to see the importance of a home and property insurance. I was once an unbeliever of insurance because I thought it’s just an additional expense. And just like a car insurance, it is actually a protective financial shield for the owner’s property in case there is damage due to insured perils.

So as a homeowner, we need an insurance that provides coverage for both potential losses to both structure of the house and its contents and that’s when Malayan Insurance comes in. Their Home Protect Plus is now back and with new and improved coverage. It covers damages resulting to fire, lightning, earthquake fire and shock, and now it also covers Typhoon and Flood (subject to underwriting evaluation and approval). They also now cover volcanic eruption and extended coverage to smoke damage, explosion, vehicular impact and falling aircraft. These insured events cause significant damages to various structures, and this insurance can cover the costs of rebuilding. It also reimburses a homeowner of the repair and replacement costs of damaged household items due to the insured events.

You can refer below for the specific coverages of the policy:

It provides property coverage for potential losses to both the structure of the house and its contents. Included are damages resulting from:

Fire and Lightning

Earthquake Fire & Earthquake Shock

Typhoon & Flood* (New!)

*subject to underwriting evaluation and approval

Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage

Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Pipes & Fittings (BOWTAP)

Sprinkler Leakage

Volcanic Eruption (New!)

Extended Coverage (Smoke Damage, Explosion, Vehicular Impact & Falling Aircraft)


Burglary & Housebreaking (Improved!)

Personal Liability

Accidental Breakage of Fixed Glass (New!)

Alterations & Repairs (New!)

Alternative Accommodation (Improved!)

Architect & Surveyor's Fees (New!)

Automatic Increase Clause (For Contents Only) (New!)

Debris Removal (New!)

Expediting Expense (New!)

Fire Fighting Expense (New!)

Professional Fees (New!)

Replacement & Lock Keys (New!)

Temporary Removal Clause (New!)

Outbuilding Clause (New!)

Special Assessment Clause (New!) (For Condominium Only)

There will also be an optional cover for Personal Accident like accidental death, disablement and even medical reimbursement for the insured, the spouse, and the children. And also, Family Hospitalisation insurance. It’s a very comprehensive coverage that covers not just the property but also the insured family.

Refer to the list below for more details on the coverage:


Covers the insured, the spouse and children in the event of accidental death or dismemberment arising within the period of coverage.

Accidental Death, Disablement and/or Dismemberment

Medical Reimbursement

Burial Expenses (New!)


Provides financial assistance to the insured and/or any member of his family for hospital confinement or surgical expenses incurred due to accident.


Provides hospitalization, personal accident and personal belongings protection to the insured’s household employees.


Provides protection for your personal possessions or declared valuable items such as works of art and antiques whilst contained within the insured premises only and solely against the named perils.

* Subject to additional premium

Call 242-8888 or your nearest Malayan branch for a FREE risk survey and underwriting valuation/quote.


Fire and Lightning, Earthquake Fire & Earthquake Shock, Typhoon & Flood, Riots, Strikes and Malicious Damage, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Pipes & Fittings, Sprinkler Leakage, Volcanic Eruption, Extended Coverage and Extension of Covers.

Sum Insured Breakdown: Building (excluding foundation), Leasehold Improvements, Contents (excluding cash & jewelry), Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings.


I believed we have already heard this, “losing your home is worse than getting robbed”. Because our home is our shelter, a gathering place and our sanctuary. A place where we grow and develop so many memories. That is why we need to do our very best within our ability to protect it.

Get your property insured today with Malayan Online! To get your free quotation on Home Protect Plus, click HERE.

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For a FREE risk survey and underwriting valuation quote, you may also contact your nearest Malayan Branch.


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  1. Need po talaga natin ang insurance sa panahon ngayon lalo n at my biglaang pangyayari

  2. Ganitong mga insurance kelangan ntn dpat tlga meron tayo neto pti bahay nakainsured

  3. Maganda po talaga magkaroon ng insurance para sa mga naiwan na pamilya pero ngaun ko lang po narinig itong house insurance.. at mukhang maganda rin po ito lalo na kapag may mga kalamidad na hindi inaaasahan. ❤

  4. Mas okay Po talaga na may insurance Tayo very important Po talaga ito Kasi we don't know what will happen soon,baka may mga dumating na mga calamities Kaya sigurado na Tayo sa Malayan insurance.

  5. I agree,every properties are valuable,no matter how big or small,as long as they are hard-earned then we should give importance and value them.Most especially,we should get them secured in any possible way we can.Thanks to Malayan Insurance for enlightening me up.So much realizations!

  6. Malayan Insurance secured our future šŸ‘ magandang nakasecured Tayo para sa kinabukasan Ng ating pamilya❤️ thank you Malayan Insurance ❤️

  7. need tlga ntin to kase we can never be so sure esp now

  8. This is a need talaga in life. �� %

  9. Need na talaga natin ng insurance para sa ganitong mga pang yayari sa mundo para ready tayo sa emergency na mangyayari sa satin

  10. Yan ang gusto ng taongbayan ! Need yan

  11. Asa top priority talaga ang insurance

  12. Really a must have nowadays momsh

  13. We need security and make wise decisions for the family especially now.

  14. Sobrang importante nito sa atin, lalo na sa panahon ngayon na hindi natin alam ang maaaring mangyari. Salamat sa pagshare nito Mommy.

  15. I am a believer and this is really not last priority

  16. I am an FA so I know how insurance is very important now. lets all make other people be open minded about this. Na hindi sya expense lang but rather a benefit in the future and must hve


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