Moms Anne Curtis and Rufa Mae Urge Parents That Teaching Kids About #SafeWash Begins at Home with Safeguard

Do you really wash your hands regularly even before the pandemic has started? I have actually been practicing safe hand washing when I started working in the Call Center Industry way back 2012. And I can say that it really helped me avoid different kinds of illnesses. And when I became a mom, I made sure to teach my children the habit of regular safe handwashing.

It was in late September when the Philippine Handwashing Survey results showed that only 50% of

Filipinos wash their hands properly. This “puwede na” mentality in handwashing prompted Safeguard to

create the #SafeWash Movement by calling out all the ways Filipinos are not properly washing their

hands. Safeguard collaborated with five of the top animation houses in the Philippines to produce a mass

education video in a span of three weeks. The catchy rap song was also voiced by Gloc-9, the nation’s #1


Thousands of Filipinos have also tuned in to show massive support for Safeguard at the #SafeWash

Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day that went live online last October 15, 2020. In the event, Fred D’

Germ bitterly accepted his defeat with the outpouring of comments from Safeguard fans. Through

presenting the message in pop culture themes, Safeguard aims to reach more Filipinos to show how

proper handwashing is done. Watch the video here.

Just like the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos that witnessed the unfolding of the #SafeWash

movement, Mommy Rufa also had her own takeaways. “I’ve learned a lot from #SafeWash. Akala ko dati

punas-punas lang ok na. ‘Di ba pag may nahulog, punas lang pwede pa daw kainin ulit? ‘Di pala ganon

kasi malakas ang kapit ni Fred D’ Germ kaya i-todo ang handwash palagi.”

“The biggest takeaway is definitely changing the way we wash our hands. We all have our own habits and

it may not be the right way of washing our hands to make sure our family is properly protected.” Mommy

Anne Curtis expressed that her family’s handwashing habits have rapidly changed as well. She

continues, “As soon as I come home, I go straight to the sink to wash my hands and I really scrub

between my fingers properly to make sure that I am removing all the germs I possibly can and using the

20 second rule.”

I also enjoy hand washing time with my twins Faith and  Hope. And I’m glad that at an early age they know the importance of it. They will also sing Happy Birthday while washing their hands and they will be the one who will also ask for soap to make their hands more clean. They also know that there’s a virus that’s why they know the importance of washing their hands before and after meal time and even after playtime and before going to bed.

Safeguard was also invited by the Department of Health and UNICEF to share the #SafeWash movement

at the recent Global Handwashing Day Symposium on October 16, 2020. The brand shared the roots of

the #SafeWash movement and how the brand is also partnering with institutions to ensure that the push

on handwashing education is enabled by ensuring there is access to hand washing facilities.

Filipinos Pledge to Practice #SafeWash Habits

Continuing what started as a battle cry against hand hygiene misinformation, celebrities, online

personalities, and numerous communities have shared and posted videos — spreading support for the

#SafeWash movement.

Mommy Rufa Mae Quinto shares to other moms her golden rule for handwashing. “My gogogolden rule is

wash to the highest level. ‘Di pwede yung nagmamadali ipupunas kung saan lalo na sa katawan natin

kasi kunakalat lang ang germs. Itodo ang safe wash! Wash wash always in all ways with Rufa Mae”. Like

mommy Rufa, many Filipino parents are also being more creative and expressive when teaching their

children, the proper handwashing way.

This is just the start for Safeguard’s #SafeWash Movement, and it’s here to stay with the brand’s

commitment to strengthen proper handwashing education.

After being presented the repercussions of improper handwashing, we must all do our part to keep

ourselves and our families from germs. The safe wash way doesn’t stop within our homes but should be

done even when we are in public spaces. Let us keep reminding our loved ones, share videos, and post

online to help spread the word on the safe wash way of handwashing. The safety of families lies on how

attentive parents can be in reminding them to wash their hands.

“Always have soap available and try to instill that habit of washing their hands for at least 20 seconds or

even longer if possible.” Mommy Anne reminds parents as a precaution from the threats of illness causing


The #SafeWash Movement starts with every Filipino family in their own homes, keeping their loved ones

from committing the improper handwashing habits as promoted by Fred D’ Germ. Through Safeguard’s

power to eliminate 99.9% of germs, and correct handwashing practices, every trip to the sink is a

guaranteed #SafeWash for a #SAFEPhilippines.

To continue your family’s #SafeWash journey, look for your favorite Safeguard hand soaps here.


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