Join Mega Prime’s Search for the Next Prime Mom Today!

Want to be the next Mega Prime Mom Ambassador? The search is on the next Prime Mom Today!

Visit and submit your entry from November 12 to December 3
for a chance to be the #NextPrimeMomAmbassador

Calling all savvy homemakers! Mega Prime is looking for a new online ambassador to represent the Prime Mom Club, an online community where moms can connect to share tips and tricks on how to be the best homemakers.

Since its launch in 2018, The Prime Mom Club has been an avenue for moms to improve their parenting and cooking skills through informative and engaging events and workshops. Through the club, moms are given exclusive access to enriching activities featuring experts and celebrities to guide them. Aside from the fresh content accessible online, exclusive perks, privileges, points and rewards are given to members exclusively.

Through the Search for the Next Prime Mom, every mom has a chance to win 100,000 in cash and a year’s supply of Mega prime products and more importantly, to be the face of the Prime Mom Club!

Here’s the detailed mechanics:

Step 1: Record a 1 min creative video. Be sure to include an introduction of yourself (name, age,

city). Proceed with cooking your very own Mega Prime recipe and stating your chosen charity to


Step 2: Upload your video entry on Youtube.

Step 3: Fill out the entry submission form and include the Youtube link of your video entry!

For more information, please visit and Mega Prime’s Facebook Page.



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