Selecta Launches The #ShareHapPinas Challenge Nationwide

  Selecta Launches The #ShareHapPinas Challenge Nationwide

In partnership with Grab, 7-11, and other retail stores, the brand and content creators shared happiness to family and friends across the country 

Manila, Philippines – In celebration of Ice Cream Month, Selecta highlights the importance of human connections through the #ShareHapPinas challenge. Together with Grab, 7-11, as well as local retailers across the country, Selecta aims to kickstart a chain reaction of happiness across the country through the simple act of sharing tubs of ice cream to friends, family, and loved ones.

The #ShareHapPinas challenge is part of Selecta’s response to the findings of the brand’s global study on happiness conducted last year. The study reported that in place of individual financial success, status, and personal possessions, people across the world now place a higher value on social connections and community togetherness as key factors extremely important to happiness.

In the Philippines, many people see the value in sharing happy moments together – with 66% of Filipinos surveyed saying that they found happiness through human connection. Despite the pandemic causing one of the biggest disruptions to life in modern history, these moments of togetherness and renewed reverence for moments of human interactions have extended outwards from people’s homes to the larger communities that people belong to. As communities have found ways to bounce back, Selecta aims to help those communities celebrate connections as they play more important roles in the lives of people.

To help share a little bit of happiness with the connections in life that you cherish, here’s how to join the #ShareHapPinas challenge:

*    On an online post, tag the loved ones you wish to share ice cream with.

*  Use the #ShareHapPinas challenge hashtag

*Send Selecta ice cream to your family and friends through the Grab app. Each use of the hashtag creates a pin that will appear on the Selecta Happinas Map – a nationwide tally of happy moments happening across the Philippines.

The Selecta Happinas Map was created to showcase how a simple act of kindness can inspire a movement among people that cherish the value of human connection. By sharing ice cream, people can join in on the movement and help spread happiness around the country.  

As happy communities are made up of happier people, where kindness, selflessness, and altruism thrive, Selecta is committed to remind people that it’s still possible to share happiness even in a socially-distant time. By celebrating togetherness and social connections, #SarapNgSamaSama can take hold once again both in our own homes and in the communities we belong to.

In these times, a little bit of happiness can go a long way. Selecta makes it easy to enjoy moments of happiness together with the important people in our lives, no matter the distance. After all, happiness is always best when shared. Join the Selecta #ShareHapPinas challenge today.

For more on the #ShareHappinas challenge, visit Visit to view happy moments across the country.


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