The Bailiwick Academy: The platform for turning passion to profit

We’ve constantly been prodded to explore our interests, turn our passions into profitable ventures, and learn more to be more. And as much as we want to do exactly that, life and schedules often get in the way. 

But during this pandemic, we’ve come to realize that distance and schedules don’t need to be unsurmountable hurdles. In fact, there’s rich opportunity to expand our passions and learn more about the things we love even at home.

This is what The Bailiwick Academy (TBA) is all about— a portal for expanding one’s bailiwick [ˈbāləˌwik] or sphere of expertise or interest It offers a chance to fuel our passions at our time and convenience. It’s a dependable and accessible online learning platform, which offers classes from different fields, primarily focusing on baking, cake decorating, and culinary.

Ahead of the e-learning game

While the world pivots to online everything, there are those who were essentially ahead of the game. The Bailiwick Academy was one of them. It went online on January 17, 2018 and has since ran 103 courses on 11 subjects that range from beginner to intermediate levels and has a user base of at least 20,000+ e-learners that grows daily.

The Bailiwick Academy has been gaining ground and expanding its advocacy, changing the lives of more and more learners. Its life-changing, on-demand classes are exactly what TBA founder, Grace Pazaro, had in mind. She envisioned a platform that would empower Filipino [mothers] who are passionate about baking and cooking, to upskill, and help them gain confidence to turn their passion into profit.

CEO Grace Parazo

As a SAHM, Grace understood how learning could be quite challenging, what with hurdles like location, availability, and time. She was convinced that learning at your own pace at home or anywhere was a convenience a lot of people drastically needed. Armed with her background in IT and a whole lot of courage, she created The Bailiwick Academy and now looks ahead to bright possibilities. What continues to drive her? The desire to have Filipinos learn, earn, and succeed in their dream business even from home.

Access to expert teachers

To bring on our A-game, we must learn from passionate trailblazers and trusted professionals in their fields. As such, The Bailiwick Academy pools instructors who are authorities in Asian and Western cuisine, cake decorating, and other fields, like marketing and business. The academy partners with these experts and provides them with a platform where they can share their knowledge and techniques with those who love to learn.

The pool of experts at The Bailiwick Academy includes culinary bigwigs, like Chef Joey Prats, Chef RV Manabat, and Chef James Magos AKA Jimbo de Panadero, among others, and new chefs and experts will be joining the Bailiwick faculty soon, too. 

Chef Jimbo de Panadero

Chef Joey Prats

Chef RV Manabat

Extending Reach

Since The Bailiwick Academy’s classes are online, it reaches learners from within the Philippines and across the globe. They have students from as far as the USA, Canada, Australia, the UAE, Europe, and Asia. 

They have homemakers, OFWs, single parents, employees, retirees, and even the physically challenged.  It is also a community that provides the students a place to share their experiences and work for others.  Soon, it will even be a TESDA certification hub and offer learning grants through the Bailiwick’s own foundation.

With The Bailiwick Academy gaining momentum and expanding its base, it becomes more than just a successful platform. Instead, it becomes a launcher of passions and incubator or dreams, intent on pushing Filipinos to be the best version of themselves.

Here are some of the photos of our online baking class last weekend with my fellow moms. :)


You can log on to or contact +639399275127.

IG: thebailiwickacademy

Facebook: The Bailiwick Academy


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