Unicorns and Rainbows will always be our kids' favorite

Faith and Hope are so much into Unicorns and Rainbows. They are always asking me if they are true and when will they see a real one. 

That's why I decided to surprise my twins with the Unicorn Village Canvas that I got from Photowall Sweden. 

I've ordered it August 5th and received on August 8th. I'm impressed with the delivery because it's fast knowing that it's an international shipping. 

Our Unicorn Village Canvas is size 150x90 cm. And it is so easy to assemble because all you need is already in the package. Of course my husband was the one who assembled and mounted it on the wall of my twin's playroom.

And Tadaaaa.. Here you go. It's now in the Twins Playroom and they super loved it. 

You can also check their Wallpapers and Poster Canvas Prints. The poster canvas print that we got comes in many different sizes and shapes. They also have wide variety of print you can choose from their website that will surely suits your personality. 

PhotoWall are all manufactured in Sweden and is shipped worldwide. 

It's also very easy to order, just look for the print that you want. Then choose whether if you want a wallpaper, a canvas poster or a canvas print that comes in different sizes. The maximum size you can get is 150cm x 150cm. And then just click Add to cart or check out. 

By the way I have a good news! You can enjoy 25% on any products from Photowall when you use my code janelle2021estrelon upon check out and it's valid from August 16 through November 15, 2021. 

So what are you waiting for? go check out their products and enjoy recreating your room or your house with Photowall Sweden. Here's the link: https://www.photowall.com/int?utm_source=janelleestrelon&utm_medium=influencers

IG: @photowall_sweden

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  1. Tama po Kayo mommy ! Forever favorite Ng mga kids Ang unicorn .. Daughter ko Po love na love Ang unicorn .

    Ang GANDA Po Ng photo wall Sa Playroom Ng kambal! Bet na bet ko po!

  2. tuwang tuwa ang twins mommy s unicorn theme canvas ganda pang decorate s wall


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