Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup now fortified with B-vitamins to give kids energy and immunity


Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup is now fortified with Vitamin B-Complex micronutrients B1, B2, and B6 to keep kids’ energies high and immune systems strong!

Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup - our favorite Ketchup since our childhood is here to bring an innovative new ketchup formula to the classic sweet sarap taste Filipino kids know and love.

Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup Fortified with B-Vitamins still has that same sweet sarap taste kids love.

The new Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup contains vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), and B6 (pyridoxine), part of the B-complex of vitamins that perform vital tasks in the body. B1 helps release energy from the food we eat, making it extremely important for active kids. B2 is also essential in giving the body energy as it converts the food we eat into glucose to give us energy, and B6, a vitamin that is essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, boosts kids’ immune systems, protecting them from common childhood ailments and other health issues. 

Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup has been fortified with Vitamins B1, B2, and B6, which all do unique roles in giving kids formidable immune systems and high energy metabolisms.

This is especially important, as some Filipino kids still suffer from malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies in Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 – the same vitamins Papa is proud to fortify their new ketchup formula with.

Dishes like meatballs can be made healthier and more delicious with a dose of Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup Fortified with B-Vitamins

Kids that are adamant about only eating fried food can give their parents some relief in knowing Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup can make their meals healthier.

With their new ketchup formula, Papa hopes to make every Filipino meal time healthy through B-vitamin fortification, as well as more delicious through the sweet sarap taste. Papa says that combined with a balanced food spread, the banana ketchup can solidify every “Pinggang Pinoy” as a delicious and healthy meal for every Filipino kid.

Papa’s decision to enrich its ketchup formula with B vitamins comes amid the spate of new COVID-19 infections across the country, making immunization a top priority for Filipino parents across the board. 

This is part of the reason Papa is proud to have a new ketchup formula that not only tastes good, but is sure to boost kids’ energy and immunity. Papa understands that even if staying healthy can be very tricky, every Filipino mom deserves the opportunity to keep their kids effortlessly healthy.

Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup leans into excitement kids get from fried food, by making sure that energy is maintained and immunity strengthened with the help of B-Vitamins.

Papa will soon initiate “Papa-Sigla, Papa-Bibo, Papa-Protektado,” a nutrition education campaign with support through TV, digital and trade mediums, as well as on-ground activations. The campaign will see the brand proactively educating parents and kids about the benefits of micronutrients, healthy eating, and proper nutrition. 
The new Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup formula is at the forefront of Papa’s new health campaign – “Papa-Sigla, Papa-Bibo, Papa-Protektado” – aimed at educating families about healthy eating and proper nourishment for kids.

As Papa launches the campaign, they’re delighted to introduce Filipino children and parents to the exciting and fulfilling world of nutritious eating; a journey, they believe, that starts with opening a bottle of Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup.”

Papa Sweet Sarap Banana Ketchup fortified with B-vitamins is available in supermarkets nationwide.


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