U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes – A Busy Mom’s BFF

U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes – A Busy Mom’s BFF

Plus a Quick and Easy Mozza Potato Balls Recipe

Online distance learning started this September and since then, I’ve been busy taking care and assisting my kids with their studies. I also make sure they enjoy delicious treats after every class.

My twins Faith and Hope absolutely love potatoes and cheese. So, I came up with the perfect snack, a food pairing that’s hard to say no to.

Presenting my super tasty Mozza Potato Balls, made extra yummy with U.S. dehydrated potatoes! It’s one of the easiest snacks I’ve ever prepared for my twins. It’s got loads of nutrients, too!

Look at that pull!


  • 125 grams standard potato granules 
  • 50 ml milk 
  • ¼ (?) butter
  • 14 grams salt 
  • 1 litre water 
  • 2 eggs 
  • mozzarella cheese 
  • bread crumbs
  • olive oil, for deep frying  

I used U.S. dehydrated potatoes and believe me, it’s way easier to prepare! I didn’t need to wash, peel, boil, and mash fresh potatoes so I saved a lot of time. There’s nothing to worry, U.S. dehydrated potatoes are real U.S. potatoes just with the water removed. They have the same quality and retain most of the nutrients.

Take note that I used standard potato granules for this recipe. There are other kinds of dehydrated potatoes like flakes, powder, dices, slices, and more. You can find them in baking supply stores. Instant mashed potatoes are available in supermarkets.

First, let’s prepare the dehydrated potatoes. 

  1. Boil the water, milk, and salt.
  2. Add the dehydrated granules to the liquid slowly and whisk for 1 minute and turn off the fire.
  3. Add the butter.
  4. Scrape down bowl and whip on high speed until fluffy, 5 to 7 minutes.

You can already smell real potatoes even before whisking.

Whip on high speed until fluffy.

I’m happy that my kids love nutrient-dense potatoes. It sometimes gets challenging to get them to eat veggies, but that’s never the case when I serve them spuds. 

Potatoes are healthy and full of nutrients. In fact, a 148 g potato with skin-on:

- has 110 calories for energy,

- is an excellent source of vitamin C for immune support,

- is a good source of potassium (more than a banana!), and

- is gluten-free and has zero fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

Going back to our recipe, prepare the mozzarella by slicing it into small squares. Be careful not to make it too big or it might ooze out of the potato mixture during frying.

Scoop the potatoes for equal sizes.

Put the mozzarella inside. 

Mold it again to look like snowballs. 

Tadaaaa…! Here’s our Mozza Potato Balls! Next is we coat them in egg and bread crumbs. 

Mozza Potato Balls with U.S. Dehy

Deep fry it in olive oil for 3 to 5 minutes until golden brown. And you’re done! So easy to prepare, right? In just 25 minutes, I’m done with my kids’ yummy snack. 

If you’re looking for high quality potatoes, there’s no better choice than U.S. potatoes. They’re harvested from family farms that have perfected farming techniques and practice sustainable and environment-friendly methods.

U.S. potatoes are what you’ll want to serve your family and friends. They’re versatile and super easy to use. They’re available in the Philippines in three forms: fresh (table-stock), frozen, and dehydrated.

My twins truly enjoyed these Mozza Potato Balls. They’re not only fun and quick to make, they’re also delicious, nutritious, and filling – the perfect after class snack. Mission accomplished for this busy mom!

To know more about Potatoes USA here in the Philippines, you can visit their website. You can also like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Gusto ko rin po makagawa nito mommy Janelle kase mukhang masarap po talaga ito.

  2. Wow napakasarap naman yang gawa mo mommy Janelle talaga namang magiging favorite ng kambal yang potato balls na gawa mo

  3. Ang sarap at ang healthy nito Mommy 😍

  4. Wow. Ang sarap naman po nitong mozza potato balls na ginawa niyo gamit ang US dehydrated potatoes . Nakakatakam ! Perfect snacks po talaga ito para sa mga kids dahil yummy na, Healthy and Nutritious pa !


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