Maynilad Paperless Billing - Convenient way to monitor your monthly bill

This year, I promised myself to be more minimalist. Not just in our things at home but also with the paper bills that I received every month.

Paperless billing is more convenient especially nowadays because we don’t need to wait and check our mailbox every month. Plus, the fact that we have an unseen enemy, it removes the need for physical contact with meter readers just to get our hard copy SOA. It’s actually one way to prevent possible COVID-19 transmission.

Thankfully, Maynilad has Paperless billing program now. An option to receive Electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) instead of the physical copy.
I honestly find it very convenient as I can access our Maynilad e-SOA anytime, anywhere. It’s also easier to track our previous bill to compare to the recent one. And my favorite part is, I have an option to get bill notifications via SMS and/or thru email. Just in time to remind us to pay our bill not later than our due date.

Who can enroll to Maynilad Paperless billing program?
Either the registered owner or the tenant/occupant can enroll in the program. Because one enrollee per account is only allowed.

How to enroll to Maynilad Paperless billing program You can enroll your account at My Water Bill online portal account. The customer must ensure that the mobile number being used for the enrollment is the same mobile number registered in the My Water Bill online portal account.

All customers with My Water Bill online portal account as of October 22, 2021 will be pre-enrolled in the program, and will stop receiving a printed SOA starting with their November 2021 billing. And those without portal accounts yet but would like to enroll to the Paperless Billing Program may also enroll via SMS. Just key in MAYNILAD<space>ON<space>PAPERLESS<space>CONTRACT ACCOUNT NUMBER and send to 09191626000.

For further questions and concerns regarding Maynilad paperless billing program, you can reach
them through the following channels - Maynilad Hotline 1626 (Metro Manila) or 1-8000-9283 (Cavite
Province), Facebook page ( or Twitter account (@maynilad), or email
( Or you can also go to any Maynilad Business Area
(BA) office or approach the assigned Maynilad Zone Specialist in their location for further assistance.

Let’s all make a difference and make our life easier with Maynilad paperless billing program. Let’s go
paperless now and together, we can also contribute and help to save the environment through
reducing paper consumption.

For more information about Paperless Billing, Maynilad customers may refer to the company’s
official social media accounts and website (

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  1. Ang ganda naman po nitong Paperless Billing ng Maynilad . Malaking tulong po ito sa mga consumers/customers dahil magiging convenient at hassle-free na sila sa magtrack ng bills at may matatanggap pa na notification thru text / email sa oras ng bayaran .

  2. Wow madali mo na talaga malaman agad ang bill ng water mo dito no need na mag hintay ng ilang days para malaman mag kano babayaran mo

  3. Kahit po ako magpaperless bills na din po ako dahil laking tulong makabawas ng kalat at tulong na rin sa pagbabawas ng pagputol ng mga puno.

  4. Dahil magkakaroon na po kame ng sariling tubig po ( Thanks God!) Ehbaka mag enroll na din po kame dito para less kalat.

  5. Ang ganda naman nitong paperless billing ng maynilad, laking tulong sa mga consumers at makakaiwas ka sa mahabang pila at safe ka pa.

  6. Wow ganda naman nitong mga question dahil lahat ng katangungan mo nasagot nadin ng maayos

  7. Wow nice nman nitong billing ng maynilad laking tulong ito sa mga tao..

  8. Very convenient talaga itong Paperless Billing ng Maynilad! Thanks for sharing Mommy Janelle šŸ˜Š.

  9. Super convenient na ang pagbabayad at transaction sa Maynilad Paperless Billing


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